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2021 Statement of Activities

Revenue Chart
Resident Service Fee Revenue:
Earned Entrance Fees:
Health Center Revenue:
Assisted Living Revenue:
Other Income:

Total: $31,476,846

Revenue Chart
Expense ChartExpense Chart
Medical & Other Resident Care:
General & Administrative:
Building & Grounds:
Food Service:
Depreciation & Amortization:

Total: $30,499,225

Income from Operations:
Write-Offs/Project Costs:
Change in Unrealized Gain on Investments:
Change in Future Services Obligation:
Change in Interest Rate Swap Obligation:

Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets
Total: $2,933,153

Additionally, The Duncaster Foundation contributed $432,959 to Duncaster based on its endowment spending policy. A one-time $100,000 special allocation for salary adjustments was also made along with other specified donations. In addition to the above, Duncaster received $578,888 in Covid19 relief in the form of state and federal grants.

Philanthropy Chart
Gifts to The Duncaster Foundation:
Gifts to Duncaster Residents

Gifts to Duncaster:

Philanthropic Impact
In 2021, the total impact of charitable giving was $1,415,847.

Financial information reflects the operating results of Duncaster, Inc. for the year ending December 31, 2021.
A complete set of audited financial statements is available upon request.

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