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How does an organization undertake fundraising during a pandemic? With much sensitivity. In a typical year, the Duncaster Foundation conducts an annual appeal to support the many aspects of community that make Duncaster so very special. With uncertainty rampant in the external environment, when the time came to launch the appeal, Foundation Director, Vanessa Giannasi, turned to her resident-led Development Committee for advice. Business as usual just didn’t feel right, so Giannasi requested a meeting with her committee to discuss strategy. The Committee met independently, without staff present, and decided that the best way to conduct the appeal was to have the proceeds benefit the Duncaster Staff Heroes who were working so very hard to keep everyone safe.

In a typical year, the Annual Appeal will raise $130,000 to support Duncaster. In 2020, a new Annual Appeal record was achieved with $160,000 raised to support Staff Heroes. In an act of incredible generosity and kindness, residents rallied to show their support to the staff who were sacrificing so much to ensure the safety of the community. With the exception of senior leadership, all staff received an unexpected check to help them take care of themselves and their families during the pandemic.

This staff gift was made in addition to the annual Thanksgiving Fund Appeal that the Duncaster Residents Association conducts each fall. That effort raised an additional $140,000, which was once again distributed to staff. The “Duncaster Difference,” is more than just a slogan. There is a very real feeling of family here, and a true reciprocal compassion that residents and staff have for one another.

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