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A proud moment for our community happened in June when Duncaster hosted a significant live press event for the State of Connecticut. Governor Ned Lamont visited our campus to announce and celebrate the State of Connecticut having just achieved the lowest COVID-19 transmission rate of any state in our nation. This most impressive result happened in part through a strategic partnership with Hartford HealthCare. Jeffrey Flacks, President and CEO of Hartford HealthCare, was also on hand to celebrate another significant milestone: the successful completion of 100,000 COVID-19 tests in the State of Connecticut.

Duncaster was chosen as the backdrop for these exciting announcements due to our success in combating COVID-19, and we received significant support and praise from both the State of Connecticut and from Hartford HealthCare who operates a gerontology practice on our campus. We were honored to host this event and for the opportunity to showcase our exemplary community standard of infection control. At Duncaster and communities like ours statewide, weekly COVID-19 testing of all staff was successfully deployed as a critical tool to help in the early identification of asymptomatic virus carriers, thereby preventing the introduction and spread of the virus within senior living communities.

Michael O’Brien, Duncaster President and CEO, spoke about our community’s testing protocols and the success we achieved and maintained through the early implementation of social-distance and mask-wearing strategies. Duncaster was among the first communities to significantly increase campus-wide infection control measures in the face of COVID-19, halting dining room service and moving to a meal delivery system, and developing support structures like a resident Buddy program to monitor the physical and mental health and social wellness of residents. Later, Duncaster was proud to be among the first senior living communities in the State to offer COVID-19 vaccines to residents and staff.

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